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All Machining Centers are 5-Axis

Large Machining Centers

  • (3) Sundstrand OM-45-Axis 60 Tools
    96"x72"x72"9000 RPM Spindle
  • (4) Sundstrand OM-35-Axis 60 Tools
    48"x48"x48"9000 RPM Spindle
  • (1) Sundstrand OM-25-Axis 40 Tools
  • (1) Sundstrand S-605-Axis 60 Tools
    72"x66"x75"6000 RPM Spindle
  • (1) Sundstrand S-805-Axis 60 Tools
  • (1) Sundstrand S-805-Axis 60 Tools

Medium Machining Centers

  • (2) Hurco VMX 42SR5-Axis 40 Tools
    42"x24"x24"12000 RPM Spindle, Tool & Part Probe
  • (1) Deckel-Maho DMC60-T5-Axis 30 Tools
    31"x22"x22"24000 RPM Spindle, Tool & Part Probe, Pallet Changer, H.P. Coolant

All machining centers have auto-tool gauging - probe capability - certified on-machine inspection available.

Inspection System


ISO-9001:2008/AS9100:2009, Rev C

  • Dual Beam OPTODYNE Laser Calibration
  • Romer INFINITE108" Portable Inspection System
  • Merlin 5-Axis VDMIS-2012Coordinate Measuring Machine 55"x88"x30"
  • Fanamation 5-Axis CNCCoordinate Measuring Machine 46"x42"x42"
  • Granite Plate Grade A 48"x84"
  • Granite Plate Grade A 36"x48"
  • Schenck BalanceDual Plane 5000 lb Capacity
  • 18" Bausch & Lomb Optical Comparator

Turning Centers

  • Okuma VTM-6525"x25"VTL 4500 RPM Live Spindle, 60 Tools, Pallet Changer, Tool & Part Probe, H.P. Coolant
  • Sundstrand63"x48"VTL
  • Producto61"x26"16 Tool Changer
  • American 201021"x54"Twin Turret

All the above supported by conventional tool room equipment.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Open Mind - "HyperMill"

Custom Impeller Machining Software

Intel based Windows 2008 Server, 2 Workstations running Windows Vista & Windows 7 Professional

Windows XP is being tested with a security of C-2 certification as noted in the Trusted Computer System Evaluation manual of the United States Government LAN (Integrated with Manufacturing)